Inheritance, Wills and Probate


An inheritance with an international angle can be a difficult, costly and time-consuming business. Simple advance planning – such as signing a separate will for Spanish properties – can make things much easier for your beneficiaries. Either for those wishing to plan ahead and/or for heirs in trouble, our English Speaking Spanish Lawyers provide invaluable assistance in sorting out the complex paperwork related to Spanish Probate.

There are several issues that arise when considering what testamentary dispositions to make in the best way taking into account possible tax burdens for the heirs. In our office we offer a comprehensive study of  inheritance and tax issues, including:

    • Tax advice in matters of succession.
    • Inheritance planning.


The heirs may also request our assistance when transferring the Estate into their names, both when there is a will in place and when the deceased dies “intestate” (without a will).

CZML Lawyers provides you with comprehensive advice upon executing a will before a notary as well as preparing and signing the deed of acceptance and vesting of estate before any public notary. The main activities related to the signature of the transfer and acceptance of inheritance deed are as follows:

    • Fiscal advice, providing you with all information about expenses and taxes to be taken into account upon executing the deed of acceptance and transfer of estate.
    • Obtaining all the relevant information and documentation related to the assets of the Estate, the wills and any other necessary certificates.
    • Verifications at the Land Registry.
    • Preparation and signature of the public inheritance deeds before Notary, settlement of taxes inherent to the succession as well as the subsequent submission of inheritance tax returns at the corresponding tax office and registration of title at the Land Registry.

In order to make matters easier, and thanks to our network of associates, we also offer the possibility of acting on behalf of clients to represent them when dealing with the transfer of the Estate through powers of Attorney, which enable us to complete the inheritance process without the clients having to travel to Spain.

If you wish to instruct us or make an appointment for a preliminary advice, please contact us.