Litigation- Claims and defence in the courts of justice



tribunalesWe act in your defence

It is very important to leave the defence of your interest in good hands. Our knowledge and experience have given us the tools to represent and defend your rights the best possible way in the Courts of Justice.

The services we provide are as follows:

  • Claims and defence in the Courts of Justice
  • Filing claims of any kind, civil or criminal (debts recovery, abuse and unfair banking practice, Criminal Fraud, Building etc.)
  • Mortgage foreclosure
  • Administrative Tax claim
  • Civil Torts
  • Challenging testamentary dispositions
  • Claims for liability against the government.
  • Appeals against tax assessments by checking values of Real Estate.
  • Insurance claims

The firm offers straightforward and practical advice and will explore all forms of alternative dispute resolution, advising clients clearly at the outset as to the costs and risks of litigation and also the merits and possible outcomes of the dispute.

If you wish to instruct us or make an appointment for a preliminary advice, please contact us.