Appointing an independent English speaking lawyer in the legal process of transferring a property from one owner to another is the best way to protect the interest for both buyers and sellers.

In relation to your purchase of real estate we offer you the following services, including the protective measures that should be taken before the conveyance is concluded:

Checking property ownership, outstanding charges and mortgages

  • Negotiation of terms and conditions of the contract of sale and purchase
  • Preparation and signature of the private contract
  • Application of NIE and preparation of power of Attorney
  • Assistance and negotiations with local banks regarding accounts, payments and required finance
  • Preparation of public title deeds
  • Assistance and / or representation on completion
  • Settlement of taxes and related fees
  • Registration of title deeds
  • Change of ownership title at Spanish authorities records
  • Setting up utility contracts and direct debits for instructions

If you are selling your property, it is equally important to seek independent legal and financial advice, so the sale of your house can go as smoothly as possible and with the best financial outcome for you.

Regarding the sale of your property, we organize and arrange for the following services and certificates needed to complete the sale:

  • Full land registry searches
  • Full town hall registry searches
  • Applying for Urban Certificates
  • Applying for first and successive occupation license
  • Obtaining Energy Efficiency Certificates
  • Organizing new Constructions files
  • Assistance and representation on completion
  • Assistance regarding cancelling mortgages, direct debits and accounts.

We are pleased to provide a free preliminary advice regarding the legal services we offer.

If you wish to instruct us or make an appointment, please contact us.